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Our design engineers and technicians produce design documents and other technical documents needed for erection, testing, commissioning and maintenance in:

-power plants, substations (including those for electric traction) and switchyards
-industrial plants
-control and IT systems in traffic and building management.

Design solutions are harmonized with:
-valid laws, regulations and technical rules
-international IEC, ANSI/IEEE and EN standards
-national standards valid in our clients' and end users' countries (VDE, BS, etc.)
-professional rules and guidelines.

Designing in EXOR is done using modern software tools (MS Office, MS Project, ePLAN, AutoCAD etc.) and databases. In addition to our own, permanently updated databases, our design engineers use databases prepared by equipment manufacturers. In this way they can readily produce designs comprising diverse equipment, always in line with our clients' requirements.

Design documents that we produce in-house or in co-operation with partner companies cover one or more design lots:
-electrical part
-control and IT part
-civil work, architectural and geodetic parts
-machinery part
-technological part, etc.

Depending on our clients' requirements, apart from complete design documents, we can provide particular independent lots:
-preliminary technical proposals and studies
-preliminary and basic design documents, detailed documents for erection, as-built documents
-surveys for procuring building permits
-occupational safety studies, fire protection plans and environment protection surveys
-quality control (QC) plans and programmes
-feasibility studies
-pre-investment studies and investment programmes
-documents for public tendering
-instructions for installation, operation and maintenance
-FAT and equipment handover programmes
-documents for on-site testing and commissioning with test forms, etc.

All design documents produced by our engineers are internally checked by senior design engineers before delivery. After design implementation, applied solutions undergo a thorough validation procedure.

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