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Our engineering solutions are based upon knowledge and experience of our experts, accumulated in hundreds of automation projects in industry, power generation, transmission and distribution, traffic and building management.

In the majority of projects, we deliver complete turnkey solutions, either for new plants or those being refurbished.

Engineering projects consist of a series of planned and co-ordinated activities:
- preparation of bidding documents, consulting and planning
- basic, detailed and erection design
- programming and parameterisation of programmable devices
- development of customised hardware and software
- assembly of control, protection, measurement and regulation cubicles, single or multiple DC & AC drives, power distribution and power supply switchgears
- on-site erection, installing and connecting of the equipment
- training of customer staff for use and maintenance of delivered devices and systems
- testing and commissioning
- preparation and delivery of As Built documentation
- fine tuning and assistance
- preventive and corrective maintenance of delivered equipment

If you are interested in listed services, visit the appropriate web pages, or contact one of our sales engineers.

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