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Process Information Technology – PIT

Department PIT is working on the following systems:

- Production planning and execution systems (PPE)
- IT Integration systems

Production planning and execution systems (PPE) are dealing with short term production planning on an industrial production plant level which may have several automated production processes or lines. This system enables following of all production parameters and makes production reporting in real time. Reporting is covering individual product quality, efficiency, productivity and other KPIs (Key Performance Index) related to production and other aspects like energy consumption etc. System makes automated connection with the factory business system and automatically collects production requests, upon which system automatically makes production execution orders. Such an execution order is automatically assigned by optimal production parameters and put into production plan. According to the production plan, when condition is right, each exaction order along with production parameters is sent into automated open control system which is than making i.e. executing requested production. During production, system is following conditions and parameters, making automatic actions where required. Once production order is finished, system is making automatic reports which are saved and sent to the factory business system.

PPE systems are used in all automated industries which are making individual (such as big products in metal industry) or serial productions. Systems production integration is, depending on the requirement, made horizontally where more automated production processes are participating production process and interconnected either off-line (with intermediate storage) or on-line. This system has basics for performing of multiple optimizations of production plan and production processes related to production efficiency, energy efficiency, minimization of equipment maintenance, consumables utilizations, row materials and additives utilization etc. Such a complex system enables real time overview of process states in several production processes what enables in time reaction on unwanted conditions, optimization of planned production stops and minimization of unplanned production stops.

Modern factories today could hardly if at all be competitive without such systems. Our rich 15 years long experience owned by our team of experts which have implemented dozens of such projects are guarantee of success and good business decision of our potential clients.

IT integration systems usually make integration of more different systems on IT level where typically data processing is required like data saving and providing in real time. Such systems are typically based on client server information technologies and could be distributed depending on request. An example of such system is Passenger’s Information Systems for railway stations, bas stations, airports etc. on local and global level. Besides informing passengers, such a system collects actual data form traffic tracing systems and shows actual data on dedicated information boards or displays distributed over public stations, stops or airports.

Systems of changeable signalization on highways or roads are another example of application of this type. This is very distributed application containing a lot of signaling and telemetry points. Some parts of such system make separated automated units (telemetry, ventilation and power usage in tunnels) which internally contain optimization of power usage and efficiency of such closed and interconnected parts.

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